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JC Container Refrigerated specializes in Container and Genset rental, utilizing our own equipment for the storage of various types of cargoes, whether requiring temperature control or not.
We serve a wide range of industries, including Refrigeration, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Food, Hotel Chains, Customs Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Supermarket Chains, Industrial Kitchens, Event Organizers, Customs Brokers, Construction Companies, Engineering and Architecture firms, among others.


Refrigerated Container

Reefer Container 10'

10-Foot Refrigerated Container - Storage solution with cost-effectiveness

A 10-foot dry container can be perfect for storing items with limited space. Although smaller than traditional containers, 10-foot dry containers are still great options for serving as storage and filing in small spaces. This type of container has lower demand, making it slightly more challenging to find.

Refrigerated Container

Reefer Container 20'

20-Foot refrigerated containers - Storage solution with cost-effectiveness

A 20-foot container provides ample space for storing perishable products with maximum cost-effectiveness. They are the traditional solution for food storage and other products that require quick, efficient, and economical refrigeration. To give you an idea of the space, a 20-foot container can hold:

200 Double mattresses; 58,000 bananas; 48,500 bags of beans.

Refrigerated Container

Reefer Container 40'

Store food quickly and economically with a refrigerated container!

A 40-foot container can accommodate 68 cubic meters, which means you could fit 68,000 milk boxes inside it.

Refrigerated containers are cheaper and more cost-effective than an equivalent cold room, besides being more easily transportable and requiring less maintenance.

At JC Container, we take pride in ensuring that all containers go through our factory for repairs and leave here in excellent condition, ready to be used for another decade.

We stand out for offering quality equipment and prompt service in various locations throughout Brazil.


Here, the purchase is not just an acquisition, but a complete experience that includes customer service, our relationship with the consumer, among other factors.

Your satisfaction is as important as the purchase itself!


Having the best product is meaningless if we can't provide the customer with the right item, at the right time, in the right place, and in the right quantity. Attention, speed, friendliness, and promptness - all of these are values that, when done well, foster good relationships with our customers, which in turn generates sales. JC has the best equipment at the best prices for you.


Excellence in the execution of all tasks and procedures, considering that the dimensions of quality can be understood as performance, reliability, perception, durability, features, compliance, and service.

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